Als seine Eltern mit Jonas eines Tages zum Fluss hinab fuhren, schwante ihm nichts Böses. Hatte er sie flüstern gehört, manchmal spätnachts, wenn er bereits tief und fest in seine Träume versunken sein sollte? Hatte er gemerkt, wie sie ihm manchmal unbestimmbare Blicke zuwarfen, wie sie durch Magazine für Ferien zu zweit blätterten und sich … Continue reading Stromabwärts

A Tale from the Shore

I wrote this one as a birthday present for perhaps the greatest friend I could wish for. This is for J. – and, I guess, for life, with all its ups and downs and roundabouts, never easy, but always worth living.   You need not to climb mountain tops You need not to cross the … Continue reading A Tale from the Shore


It was fairly strange, the fact how long those four point seven seconds between when the bomb detonated down in the foundation and when he actually started to feel his office floor shifting could stretch. One instant he stood by his desk with a hand on the edge, pristine black glass – he detested mahogany, … Continue reading Detonation


I. “Death is not ‘an eternal sleep’ Citizens! efface from the tomb that motto, graven by sacrilegious hands, which spreads over all nature a funereal crape, takes from oppressed innocence its support, and affronts the beneficent dispensation of death! Inscribe rather thereon these words: ‘Death is the commencement of immortality!’” -Maximilien Marie Isidore Robespierre   … Continue reading Ancestral


The lighthouse shines like memories of a star And guides my path through darkness from afar. As I, upon the howling wind, do hear My promise of redemption, faint but clear.   So on a snow-clad field I walk at night Braving the blizzard’s unrelenting might That piles and piles the snow both sides of … Continue reading Nemo


First published in the CMU Literary Review 2016, Grand Junction, CO   The watchmaker cried on the night his wife died, although he had always despised tears. Tears meant salt, salt meant rust, rust meant imprecision, and imprecision plus time could mean nothing but death. Due to his profession, the watchmaker knew all about time, … Continue reading Clockworks