There once was a ship that did drown without sinking It left its homeport through a maze of white steam. The horizon was shrouded, The ocean no color, just like the sky That was bleak as a dream, The bows silent And silent the cheers of the people ashore: Silent tears, silent laughter, Silent movement... Continue Reading →


Some days are clad in rain like friars In a robe of gray. Clouds hang deep, and drops are falling, Ever falling, Washing time away.   Puddles form and keep on growing, Mirroring the sky, And cars, like comets, draw long tails Of teardrops As they’re rushing by.   The lake, today, wears silver hemming... Continue Reading →

The Line

When I shine Please, say am I awake Scales on my eyes Reflecting a face I should know   Shed my light When all that is left is my own Flare to kill time Watching the smoke from below   The cross that I’m bearing is made from the ages to come Where time’s turned... Continue Reading →


I. “Death is not ‘an eternal sleep’ Citizens! efface from the tomb that motto, graven by sacrilegious hands, which spreads over all nature a funereal crape, takes from oppressed innocence its support, and affronts the beneficent dispensation of death! Inscribe rather thereon these words: ‘Death is the commencement of immortality!’” -Maximilien Marie Isidore Robespierre  ... Continue Reading →

8 O’Clock Haiku

Two cups of coffee Blacker than the sky outside This Wednesday morning.   The road to the bus Is going even deeper Than the mirrored sky.   And burgeoning dawn Spreading red flower petals Now across the blue.


A house like any other house, A room like any other room, A time like any other time ‘xcept for the penguins in suits.   One is the butler, brings champagne, One’s for a hook to hang your coat, One’s taking pictures, choosing frames And one slides down a country road On his soft belly,... Continue Reading →

Neptune’s Cave

When peoples build temples, are they ever meant for someone other than themselves?   Modernism is relentless – It sweeps the ages through the cracks And resurrects the specters that were never dead, But forgotten for good reason.   It implies a line – A line at gunpoint drawn.   These early days of spring... Continue Reading →

The Shallows

Some things are better left silent, Some waters are better left undisturbed Since there’s nothing the surface is hiding Except hurt.   And the past is the past is the past is the past is the past. We’re still swimming.   Mushroom clouds can be quite gorgeous Except on a day with an overcast sky... Continue Reading →

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