Midsummer’s eve, the table spins And comes to standstill halfway turned. Outside, the merry dance beings, Everyone gets what no one’s earned.   The jester steals the high king’s crown, The priest unbuttons his soutane. The seraphim comes circling down, Trades both his wings for one cold ale.   The killer courts his victim’s wife,... Continue Reading →

The Judge

The grave bears no name By the seldom tread path, Only a solitary primrose Planted by a mother forlorn In old love.   Beware of the traveler That came riding there once On a pale horse at midday. Beware of the sketchbook He carries in his pouch.   Upon an empty slope Under the old... Continue Reading →

Falling Awake

I left her in the dead of night, A shadow in a shadow world, A tick that never has occurred With skies like molten pearls outside.   Far down beneath, a train cries out And moves towards the morning red I watch it leave out of my bed And disappear into the clouds.   I... Continue Reading →


There once was a ship that did drown without sinking It left its homeport through a maze of white steam. The horizon was shrouded, The ocean no color, just like the sky That was bleak as a dream, The bows silent And silent the cheers of the people ashore: Silent tears, silent laughter, Silent movement... Continue Reading →


Some days are clad in rain like friars In a robe of gray. Clouds hang deep, and drops are falling, Ever falling, Washing time away.   Puddles form and keep on growing, Mirroring the sky, And cars, like comets, draw long tails Of teardrops As they’re rushing by.   The lake, today, wears silver hemming... Continue Reading →

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