I will make this as short as possible, because all writing is inherently fiction, and if I am to fictionalize I can think of myriad more pressing subjects than myself. But nonetheless, to obey the formalities:

I was born on February 1st, 1995, in Switzerland, more precisely in the neat countryside town of Wattwil, as the oldest of four brothers. There I grew up speaking Swiss German, and developed a passion for writing pretty much as soon as I knew what letters were. My first stories are half-page adventures scribbled and furiously illustrated by a six year old me, and as far as I’m concerned, the only thing that’s really changed since that time is my handwriting.

Primary, secondary and cantonal school were all attended in the same little town, and along the way I started reading every book that I could get my hands on, learning French, English and later Latin, playing guitar, piano and a few signature tunes on saxophone, as well as all the stuff that comes with attending a school that does its job reasonnably well: bits and pieces of mathematics, the names of Roman emperors and the cases of German nouns,  and why cancer cells ironically might be the closest a human body can come to immortality. Somewhere in between, I wrote three fantasy novels that have all been whitnessed by a few trusted readers but never by the world, dabbled in musical composition and undertook my first extensive travels. And, you know, teenage things …


Step forward: after school I took one gap year to do a nursing internship at a local hospital (I had aspirations of becoming a surgeon, but first wanted to see the job for myself to make sure), teach to save some money, and take preparatory classes in electric guitar, music theory and composition and the Convervatory Winterthur, before I abandoned all three pursuits to study English and History at the University of Zurich instead. I guess the books had sunk their hooks in me too deeply already by the time …

And this is where I presently am, against or perhaps rather in perfect accordance with all odds: studying with an increasing focus on contemporary English literature (in addition to Zurich also in Colorado and Singapore), writing fiction in English and German, composing music in various genres, painting, drawing, writing poetry and trying hard to never cease to be mesmerized. Reading. Rock climbing. Skiing when there is enough snow, swimming when there isn’t. Travelling. Reading again. Oh, and have I mentioned reading?