Midnight Wine

Midnight wine

And a dream still dawning

Is all it takes for happiness,


Or for dreaming of happiness

Trapped somewhere in there

In those fickle sparks.


A few steps out the door

Ancient stone steps, scented air:

A night in the south is a night never happened

A night in the south is the night someone else

Is drinking to.


Midnight wine

And a love upcoming

Is all it takes for peace of mind.


And it is so simple:

The metaphor of wine, for it stands either for blood (a classic)

Or the universe, in the dark.

Never ourselves, never living –

A bloody paradox in a glass,

If only all were so simple!

If only I were those sparks!


Love upcoming, love gone over,

We’re all moving towards the drop.

The glass is slipping, the glass tips over,

And the drops now another metaphor, if you want.


Midnight wine

And a future dreaming

Seems more real than the future lived.


We might all love drinking

But we only ever get to taste

The same wine once.


Midnight wine

I am slowly fleeting

Losing grip of the wine glass –

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