Butterfly Effect

When you’re gone

The night starts bleeding into dawn.


When you’re not coming home

The waking sun sings words of worlds beyond,

Burning away all the footprints you left behind

Singing me blind.


When I’m gone

You will see that you’ve not been the only one.


For so long

You were safe in oblivion,

But at last the wheel of time

Is moving on.



Now your times are long forgotten,

Fallen kings no longer talking,

Dust to dust where you came walking –

All rotten.


Late at night you would be talking

Of ascendants and their workings –

Turning cogwheels , Escher’s stairwells –

In circles.


You flew high, the sun was scorching,

Soot and smoke, all you’d been touching,

From the heights that were your passion

To ashes.


You were the drop that fed the ocean,

Luna’s spawn, your own contortion,

All the world to your devotion …

Looking on your works, you mighty, I despair.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect

  1. Wow. This poem takes one on a journey, fraught with pain in different shades. It truly alludes well to the futility of some of our endeavors, no matter how inspire by passioney are. Time a merciless chisel, carving until there is no more.

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