Wishes for Every Single Human Being on Earth

Hey there!

I might not know you

I might have passed you by once, silently

I might have talked to you once, superficially

I might have spent time with you, loved you, kissed you, slept with you

I might have been saved by you, held by you, cared for by you, been born by you

It’s all the same for this


I wish you lots of tears, you know?

I wish you the feeling of being lost

And being lost without even knowing it


I wish you a slap in the face by a person you thought your friend

And a slap by a stranger you’ll never know – could be me, could be anyone on earth

I wish you crowds of people, all like mirrors

Reflecting a face you don’t recognize


I wish you sleepless nights

And regrets that haunt you

A frightened look into the sky

Which makes you feel forever insignificant


And I wish you questions, questions, questions, questions, questions –


What for?

Whom for?

What then?

And not a single answer that makes sense


Except for an epitaph at the very end, perhaps

I wish you that it reads:


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