On an Affair that Shouldn’t Concern Me …

Written in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting from October 1, 2017



Pale desert sun to ignite the streets-day

Blood day

Yet to be only mourned, long forgot day

A hate day

Spark that ignites the powder ignites the crowd day

Some say it was the time that they’d make their world sway

A bloodstain

But no, just a stain on the stockpile of rags you call memories

Historical pride

A monument of life, liberty, of pursuing happiness –


Tell me:

Where is life for the child without father whose name you won’t learn

For the men without sisters

For the halls full of white

Because one man did exercise what in a footnote two centuries ago

On a scrap of parchment in a New England town hall

Was proclaimed his right?


Tell me:

Where is liberty in the one place on earth where more men get slain by their children

Than men fall who serve

Where you’re free to wreak bloodshed and none restrains

Or protects those unwilling to go by your ways?


Tell me:

Where’s happiness in iron, happiness in lead

The cold grip on a gun, the cold, sleeperless bed?

The cold of hatred that’s pouring like rain

Because hate needs be sprayed and to stain others like the blood stains those streets


Hate’s not a mirror

It’s so easy to point at those changing their ways

“Oh no, don’t they dare change!”

Hate is indifferent

It’s not you that will go home to a still house once full

To a cold double bed

To one dinner for two

To a gravestone

Upon which your fellow people have written a star-spangled epitaph:

“We do not care.”


Sunday …

One more Sunday

Merely another weekday

We do not care.

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